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Since the folk saying goes, “rare things are more expensive”. Is it because emperor crab itself is a very rare ingredient that makes it so expensive? After all, from the perspective of globe submission, there are not many production areas of king crab, which are primarily concentrated in the Bering Strait, the waters of Alaska, the Barents Sea of Norway and the waters of Chile.

In particular, the king crab in these production areas is also exported to the globe. Is it true that this king crab populace has also been destroyed under a large number of fishing, so that the number is getting smaller and smaller, and the price is getting more and more expensive?

In fact , it is far from. Although the production area of emperor crabs will be small , the number of emperor crabs is very large. Take Europe for example , there are at least 50million emperor crabs living there in the sea area of Europe today, which is full of aggression.

For example , in the Barents Sea in Norway, according to statistics, there are at least 20.

After that, since there are numerous king crabs, why is the price of king crabs so expensive in The far east?

In the main production area of king crab, the price of Lord King Crab is not so expensive. For example , in our neighboring Russia, the price of fresh king crab, in case converted into RMB, is only about thirty yuan per kilogram.

Of course , when it comes to The far east, the price of king crab has more than doubled, and the larger the king crab will be, the more expensive it is. The reason is that there is no king crab in China’s sea area, so it can only be imported from abroad.

Because the king crab itself develops in the deep sea, the fishing process is also very dangerous, and after fishing ashore, most imported king crabs need to be immediately “frozen” with expert gear to ensure freshness. Naturally, once they come and go, the price will certainly always increase, coupled with various import tariffs and so on, when they are sold in The far east, the price will naturally be higher.

However , for a lot of researchers, they actually wish that this price of king crab can be cheaper, so that the populace of king crab can be reduced quickly, so as to safeguard the marine ecological environment.

From here, I believe you can observe that emperor crab is not a good kind in the sea, and the breeding velocity of emperor crab will be amazing. An adult female emperor crab can produce tens of thousands of small emperor crabs a year, which also leads to the current velocity of human being eating them, far less than their growth velocity. Naturally, the proliferation associated with emperor crabs will kill the particular ecological stability, leading to quite a few unwanted effects.

So , exactly how unpleasant is definitely the outrageous emperor crab intrusion?

Just what lots of people can’t say for sure is the fact that although people consider European countries if they refer to emperor crabs, in fact , Emperor crabs did not endure within the seas associated with European countries at the beginning. It had been the complete on the previous Soviet Partnership that will resulted in the particular outrageous mating in addition to intrusion associated with emperor crabs within European countries.

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