Aluminium for the Automotive Industry – Lighter, Safer and Recyclable Vehicles

Using aluminium in cars and vehicles promotes emission reduction and weight saving without compromising safety. The complete recyclability of 카지노사이트 aluminium also means that single-use materials can be avoided, contributing to a greener future for the automotive industry.

Hydros commitment to Research & Development

Hydro offers unmatched Research & Development knowledge in the field of aluminium automotive design. This includes high-strength aluminium alloy development, as well as applied manufacturing skills in bending, machining, joining, surface treatment and assembly.

Our high-precision semis guarantee efficiency and performance in your manufacturing processes and in the car.

We work with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) globally to promote, distribute and design class-leading aluminium products in the automotive sector.

We serve as consulting engineers and as your manufacturing partner, utilizing aluminium extrusion and aluminium rolling technologies in structural and heat transfer applications.

As the automotive industry is replacing steel and copper with aluminium, Hydro is your partner for any aluminium part or automotive component.

Low carbon, ‘Greener’ aluminium products

Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium could make your vehicles greener credentials even greater – made from 75% recycled aluminium, Hydro CIRCAL aluminium provides a sustainable alternative to traditional materials and traditional 바카라사이트 aluminium. Read more about Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium

Hydro REDUXA low-carbon aluminium is extremely energy efficient to produce, promoting sustainable materials and design. Stereotypically, the automotive industry is very energy intensive and polluting. Hydro REDUXA low-carbon aluminium provides a greener alternative. 

With over 40 years of expertise in automotive industry solutions, Solvay’s portfolio of advanced materials addresses the core needs of auto manufacturers to develop sustainable and efficient mobility systems. Solvay provides high-performing solutions, extensive knowledge and exceptional customization to facilitate current and next-generation automotive applications. Our versatile product portfolio is designed for the latest automotive trends and enables improvements in key areas such as powertrain efficiency, electrification, lightweighting and green and clean technologies. 

Solvay’s composite materials and specialty polymers for automotive components are critical to creating lighter, safer and more efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. Other solutions include our catalytic converters, which minimize pollutant emissions and boost performance, and our range of UV stabilizers for enhanced durability profiles in sustainable automotive systems.온라인카지 Additionally, our silica products for tires reduce rolling resistance and improve safety. We are committed to supporting our customers with innovative automotive solutions that contribute to cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient mobility. 

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